3000HR Club - A Tough Motor for a Tough Job!

Welcome to the 3000HR Club, a testament to the durability and reliability of your Yamaha Products. Yamaha established its reputation as the leading marine brand in the world by proving its reliability through countless happy customers around the world, and the 3000HR Club is here to document and celebrate this connection!

If your outboard has done more than 3000hrs on the water, we want to hear from you and share your story. You’re also in line to grab yourself an all-weather 3000hr jacket, Yamaha cap and a yearlong membership to Club Yamaha.

The life of a Yamaha outboard is as varied as you could imagine. Some spend their days chasing down prize-winning catches on commercial boats, others power boats tasked with scientific research in our oceans and somewhere along this spectrum, you’ll find them fuelling the average anglers fishing dreams.
The 3000HR Club pays homage to you, the skippers who choose Yamaha every time!
We'd like to welcome the guys over at the Subtech Group to the 3000hr Club!

Welcome the guys over at Knysna Featherbed Ferries Company sporting over 5707 hours on their outboards and going strong